April 6, 2011

Somebody Ring the Alarm, a Fire on the Roof

Day 009.
This is one of the views outside of our third floor apartment. Isn't it beautiful?! I would love to get a great picture to the right of the Church, but there are power lines all over it. I will somehow make it work. 

I was taking these pictures while my husband was cooking dinner and he told me to rush to the window. I look outside and there are police lights, ambulances, and fire engines lighting up the street. We took a drive trying to see what was going on, but the roads were blocked. I used my internet skills/investigative skills and found out it is a three alarm fire. After looking that up, it means the fire department sent out three separate alarms to help battle the fire. Oddly enough, it doesn't smell like fire. 

 A big thank you to my husband for taking these pictures while I drove. Aren't they cool? 

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  1. All those photos are beautiful! There are few things I love more than a beautiful sky - especially a sunset sky!

    And Andrew DID take some awesome photos! I LOVE when they look like laser lights dancing! haha Go English! :P