October 9, 2015

Arwen Mae - Four Months

This is my favorite age so far, though I am sure that will continue to change as you grow. You are finally starting to interact more with the world and with us! Every time daddy comes home and sings to you, you smile soooo big and shake your head. 

This month was hard on sleeping, but so far into your fifth month, we've hit the jackpot, but that is for next month's post ;) After last month's post, I'm not sure you slept the whole night for the whole month - usually waking up at least at 2AM to get an additional feeding. 

While taking your 4 month pictures (the one above WAS taken on your four month birthday, though this post was late), you weren't totally into it. So, I have added some more from a few days before. 

Always with your tongue out. Even the doctor and nurse pointed it out at your doctor appointment! 

I love, love, love when you look up and I can see the fullness of those cheeks! You have such a cute, little round face! 

You are so ticklish. I tickle the sides of your neck and you open your mouth really big. I tickle the back of your neck and head and you shake your head and hunch your shoulders. I tickle your tummy and you suck it in and smile. 

You didn't actually start daycare this month since they didn't have a spot until this up coming Tuesday. Your Auntie (she's really your cousin, but she's more like my sister and your aunt) Kaylee watched you with cousin Ariel. It was very fun to see you interact with your cousin. I know I say this all the time, but you two are going to be great friends. I love that you will grow up with her by your side. The doctor said you are social and will most likely love daycare and seeing all the kids. I wonder if this means you will be extroverted, unlike your daddy and I.