March 30, 2012

Best Buds Birthday Bonanza

The day after my birthday I went on a taco bell picnic with these lovely girls. It was beautiful out. Like the best weather I have ever had on my birthday. Ever. We played on the playground and took a bazillion (or roughly 500...) pictures. This adventure made my birthday even more incredibly special! 

March 29, 2012

Week 1: Birthday

Week 1: Birthday
A collection of a few of my past birthdays. I love birthdays be it my own or someone else's. It's a great day to celebrate the life you live or celebrate the special person in your life. 

I'm trying something new with posting photos. Do you like this way or do you like the other way better? Let me know in the comments. 

Next week's theme: Red

March 28, 2012

Nova - Cracking Your Genetic Code

After work I was getting my pictures in order for my first installment of my 52 Weeks Project! I am so excited about it!

While you wait for more updates, take a look at this: I am not sure if the full episode will be available to stream or not, but if you get a chance, watch! The video shows some of my coworkers and explains the importance of whole genome sequencing. Interesting stuff. It also brings up ethical questions scientists, especially geneticists, have to think about.

See you tomorrow.

March 22, 2012

Birthday Celebrations!

Exciting news! Every week this year, I will post at least one photo that goes along with a theme of that week. There will be a new theme each week and different pictures every week. The photos may be older ones, they may be taken that day. I am so excited for this project! 
I will also be posting random posts, such as a birthday, or a day hanging out with some cute kids. 

See you next week!!

March 11, 2012

Put It Away And Wait Till Tomorrow. Put It Away And Take Care Of Your Heart.

 Day 365.
It is not Day 365 technically, but I have made the decision to stop posting photos every day. I got further than I thought I would ever get and I am proud of all the pictures I have taken over these past 11 months.  

Don't be discouraged though! I will still be posting to this blog with pictures and updates about the life of the Wheelers, just not every day. I have other projects in mind for the start of my birthday (less than two weeks away!), but you will have to stay tuned as to what is ahead. Remember to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, and goodness in your lives, hearts and minds. 

Thank you.