January 3, 2016

Arwen Mae - Seven Months

One of your most exciting achievements this month is how much you bounce! Now, when you get excited you bounce up and down, whether you are standing or sitting. It is absolutely adorable. You are almost ready to crawl. We put you in bed on your back towards the end of the crib and when we find you in the morning, you are at the top of your crib on your belly. So, you may be crawling, but we haven't seen it officially.  

This month was super busy as it was your first Christmas! It was a wonderful, busy, overwhelming day for everyone! Both sides of the family came over (in shifts) to our house and we enjoyed so much family time. Uncle Jon was able to come out and was greatly surprised by how big you had gotten! I can hardly believe it either. 

Your hair is growing so much, so fast! The back of your head is starting to grow even more now that you can sit up by yourself. In some lights it is strawberry blonde. I'm excited to see whether it is curly or straight and what color it ends up being. 

You also love to pat things. You learned how to hit your piano on your bouncer. You also love to pat your high chair tray when you have food all over your hands. It splashes everywhere, but makes you so happy. You are getting much better at eating and chewing. You sometimes open your mouth and just chew and swallow, but most times you reach for the spoon and put it in your mouth with a little help from mom. We just found that you loooove pumpkin. You finished those jars of baby food fast! 

I love these faces you made. You are so silly and funny and such a perfect fit for our family. You love to be tickled, turned upside down, and tossed into the air. You know mommy and daddy are silly already and love when we are super silly. Oh sweet girl, you are growing so fast. 

January 1, 2016

Daily Photo Project 2016

I am going to attempt to take and/or edit pictures once a day for the whole (leap) year! I tried this once before and it fizzled out, but I am hoping with my two new favorite, ever-evolving subjects, I might make it longer this year. Click here (same link as above) to view the gallery! This link will also be located on the sidebar to the right of my page.

2016 is bound to be full of firsts with Arwen! We already know she's going to take her first steps this year as well as her first birthday. Her first plane ride will definitely be this year too! I can't wait to photograph some memories this year.

Also, new year, new design! Hope you like it! And yes, I am looking for a new banner for the blog title. I plan on taking a good picture of ice cream sometime this year :)