April 2, 2011

And When you Smile, The Whole World Stops and Stares For Awhile

Day 005.
Today was an awesome day. I got to hang out for many, many joyous hours with one of my best friends and her daughter. Also, I got my birthday present from my husband. I shall take a picture and upload it tomorrow. Today I wanted to overload this blog with one of the cutest kids who has ever lived. She is my model. I have photographed her since she was born and she has always been this cute. However, I am just a little biased. :)
See? She was an excellent model. She even drew that picture! 

Her mother has been violently ill all week, but wanted some low-key company, so we went over and hung out for a while. I helped around the house as much as I could, including to help bathe her child. I love hanging out with this family even doing basic chores. We are pretty much always laughing. 
The two pictures below are my favorites from tonight. I love the lighting and even her concerned face. She was worried about my husband leaving and not saying good night to her. Adorable!

P.S - They did get to say goodnight to each other. No worries. 

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  1. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I am jealous haha. I like her blue shiny dress!! I also feel bad because I did not even know Court was sick. God I'm bad at communication. But what a good Dommy you are!

    And seriously, with you around she will have one of the most well-documented lives EVER.