I Am What I Am

Growing up, I had diaries upon diaries. Writing my feelings down was soothing, therapeutic, and just helped me get my jumbled thoughts together. I went to college and just stopped. I would try to pick it back up, however, I could never get the same passion that I did when I was young. This is me trying to reconnect with myself, document my life so far, and maybe relate with others along the way. 
August 14th, 2010
My husband, Andrew, knows how to make me laugh and has been making me smile every day since 2006. I infamously uninvited him to my senior prom, but to my defense, I threw him a prom for our anniversary one year. Whatever. It worked out in the end. 

I got my degree in biology and am using it actively in my line of career. In the same sense, I'm a giant nerd and love any stupid science joke (I wish I was Adenine, then I could get paired with U). If you ask me a scientific question, I will try to find the answer and if I can't, I will hypothesize even if it was a ridiculous question to begin with. 

I bought my first DSLR camera as a graduation gift to myself. It was one of the best investments I have made. I love being creative with shots and edits. I'm trying to grow as a photographer and am always looking to take pictures. If you ask Andrew, my favorite subjects are trees. He's not wrong, but I also like people, mostly kids.  

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