March 31, 2011

And the Snow is Coming Down, On Our New England Town

Day 003.
I took some indoors pictures this afternoon, but by night fall it had begun snowing! I went out to get pictures of the snow falling only it turns out I am a horrible night photographer. Definitely something I have to start working on. I really like the first picture, but it reminds me of fall. It is not fall. Not. At. All. 

Above is one of the better night pictures. I reiterate I need to practice/read more on the subject of night photography.

Although I hate, hate, hate the cold, I do not mind snow. Snow falling is so pretty and elegant, but when it sticks to the ground and the tow trucks muddy it up... not so pretty or elegant. Also, it is not cool to have a bajillion snow storms in one winter. Come on Mother Nature, are you about done yet? Above is one of the better night pictures. I reiterate I need to practice/read more on the subject of night photography. 

Below is what I consider to be a classic snow picture. Everyone who sees snow has probably taken a picture quite like this one.  

March 30, 2011

I Wanna Be a Cowboy Baby

Day 002.
We're off to a great start! 
I just got this shirt on my buying birthday bash (<3 alliteration) and I had to wear it with my boots to make a super cowgirl outfit. Although it will make an excellent quick Halloween costume, it is also an adorable shirt! Look at the ruffles! The buttons! SO cute! 

On a side note, I went to search the lyrics for this post and I typed in cowboy baby and came up with costumes for babies. Also adorable!  

March 29, 2011

Oh, This is the Start of Something Good. Don't You Agree?

This is my challenge for the year. I will update this blog with a photo I have taken that day every day. As it is exactly a week from my birthday, this blog will at least document my age of 23 (plus a week). 

Turns out, it is hard to find something to photograph at 10pm when really all you want is to sleep, but you have, perhaps foolishly, decided to create this blog today. At first, I thought I would start my 365 project on New Years, but that didn't happen and it turned into the first of the month... then my birthday... but now, I have started it and I will continue! I will succeed. I will succeed. I will succeed. 

These are the rules I have set for myself:
1. Every post there will be at least one picture taken that day. It doesn't matter how crappy it is. 
2. The title of the blog post will be lyrics.
3. If by some devastating happenstance I do not post pictures one day, I will do it the next day.  
4. I will do whatever my little heart desires beyond this rules. Go me! 

For now, I will document my day, however I did not want this to be a rule because I know some days will be terrible and I will just want to take my picture and cry/crawl in a hole/have fun! Today was a bit startling because I learned my uncle had died and although his morals in life did not match mine, he was young (49) and seemed to have a lot of life in him when I last saw him. Rest In Peace, uncle. On a happier note, I think these photos turned out pretty well, especially after taking only 30 minutes to shoot and edit them. Speaking of editing, I only lightened them a bit and changed the tints. Not much editing, but pretty cool in my opinion. I got this candle (oh, by the way, this is a candle if you didn't get that) at Christmas time to make our apartment smell like Christmas. Yes, it is still out. No, our apartment does not smell like Christmas. Unfortunately.