April 13, 2011

I Remember When I Lost My Mind, There Was Something So Pleasant About That Place

Day 016.
This challenge is becoming more and more challenging, but I am making it. I only have 349 days to go...

Anyway, these little guys came from my nephew's birthday party last year. They sit in the corners of my shower/tub and guard me from cold water. Sometimes they don't do a good job. While I was photographing them, I named them as I usually name things. See also: I named my fish Freshman year Mr. Fish.  
 This here is Mr. No Face. 
 This is Mr. Jagged Teeth.
 This fine young gentleduck is Mr. Googly Eyes. 

Aren't they precious? 


  1. Hahahaha! I LOLed! You were very correct, I love this post! Though, you know, your naming techniques somewhat concern me for when you eventually have real live children...