November 5, 2013

Introducing Moose!

Let me start off saying that growing up, I had fish as pets. My sister had a hamster for a little while until I was gracious enough to share my chocolate cupcake... needless to say, that didn't last long. In middle school, we got a cat (Talula) and then, in high school (yes, right before I went to college) we got another cat (Sophie). I had no experience with dogs. 

Bring in Andrew. He grew up with Lacey, a long-haired dachshund. Lacey is the first dog I actually liked! So, over time, Andrew convinced me dogs are awesome. For the past few years, now that we are on our own, I have been bugging him to get a dog. We even went as far as to ask our land lady in our last apartment, but she said no. When we moved into the house, I was SO excited with the prospect of owning a pet. We had talked a little bit about getting puppy, but Andrew always said we wouldn't be home enough. Well, how surprised was I when on our anniversary, he said we should make a list and see if we could get a puppy! Overall, we decided since I generally go in early to work and Andrew goes in later, we could make it work! 

I started scouring Petfinder because I really wanted to adopt. I would send Andrew tons of links and he would be like yeah, maybe. Then, we got to "Carly". I couldn't get over how darn adorable she was. I convinced Andrew that we could apply and show some interest and see what happened. At the time, we were looing for two dogs, so we said we were interested in her and her brother. They replied back saying those two were actually not compatible, but Carly got along really well with another dog, Scrappy. I never responded after this because we were still figuring out if we wanted two dogs, but then, the adoption lady emailed us saying they would be here in a week. We were like whhhaaattt?! We hadn't signed up for anything! At that point, we had decided to get one dog. 

I called the adoption lady and she explained she just wanted to send us the info and if we only wanted one dog, that would be fine. Next thing we knew, Carly was getting on a truck loaded with crates from Louisiana to come to Connecticut. Also, we knew we had to change her name...
 September 21st, 2013
Moose arrives!
 The above is the truck that brought her. 
When the truck arrives, everyone surrounds it and waits for a person to ask what dog you are here for. We stayed towards the back, but when it was our turn we went up to the truck. The guy asked us what dog we were here for, and hearing Carly's name, he said "She is going to melt your heart". Sure enough, that is what she has done. 

I took her from the guy's hands and tears welled up in my eyes when she just felt so comfy in my arms. We stood there saying hi and then brought her over to have some food and water. We put her down and she was such a good girl! She sat there, not making a peep, just hanging out, being adorable. All I really remember is just saying how perfect she was. 

We were one of the last to leave the random parking lot. Andrew sat in the back with her while chauffeured them home. 
Once we got home, she went straight into her bed (seen above). I took off the next week from work to learn Moose. That was stressful. She had some accidents and I had never had a dog before. There was a learning curve to say the least. 

We took her to the vet and found out she had fleas, roundworm, and Giardia. Poor little Moose girl! She is mostly all set now (still working on the Giardia -- can be a little resistant to meds). We are so glad to have her in our lives and we are so thankful we could be the ones to give her a wonderful home and make her feel so much better. 

 Red Sox won the world series! Moose was so excited (obviously... look at that face).
Moosebacca came out for Halloween. 

She is such a hit with kids (and adults, lets be serious). She is so incredibly sweet. She can be stubborn, but she just wants to please. She will usually flip over for belly rubs once she meets someone and loves to be pet and cuddled. She is the perfect fit for our family and we couldn't love her more. 
Our little family <3