June 13, 2012

Spring [Wardrobe] Cleaning?

Usually around my birthday, I love to update my wardrobe a bit. And by "update my wardrobe" I mean, spend a lot of money on clothes. I have held off SO WELL this spring, but I am definitely feeling this urge to pick out clothes that are more professional, or more comfortable, or just newer, washed-less-than-fifty-times clothes. It has been especially hard to hold myself back due to us being more on budget than previous years.

As for saving money in other areas, like going out to eat, we have been fairly successful! Surprise, surprise. Making a list and planning meals does help! Haha. Now, to motivate ourselves into doing this every two weeks or so... that's the toughest part.

I have a few more photos to edit from being out and about, but absolutely no motivation to do so.

Work has been really busy (at least for me...) these past few weeks, but currently I feel like I am at a good pace in my work life. Now, to strive for this level of work every week.

Hopefully next time I post I will have some photos to show!

1 comment:

  1. Sewing simple clothes can be fun. I have plenty of material if you want to practice on before you spend hard earned cash.

    Just a thought!