June 14, 2012

Sometimes you just have to whine.

As I type this, Andrew is still at work. Yes, I am very thankful for this job, however, I hate when my husband has to work late. I love spending time with him (what happily married woman doesn't enjoy that?) and I have to be honest, I miss him!! I even got home from work late expecting to see his handsome face at his computer. No luck for like the past 3 hours.

However, with his absence, I have become quite the little diva homemaker. I washed dishes and folded the laundry. Both things really needed to be done. I still need to go buy a few things at the grocery store and deposit some checks (including Andrew's first new paycheck! Wahoo!), but that is difficult without a car.

I was hoping that if I started typing this, Andrew would come through the door, but again this day is not very lucky. Back to actually put away the laundry I guess...

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