June 9, 2012

I'm Baaaaack!

Sorry for that random hiatus there... but I am back! I have lots of pictures to post/edit then post for your viewing pleasure.

I gave up on the weekly photos. I just want to photograph my life and the things going on and maybe someday I will start back up posting photos every day. Right now, I am going to focus on making myself (and Andrew, of course) happy. So, I am making a list of goals for the summer. Perhaps I will update every now and then about the progress of said goals.

Without further ado... the goals!
1. Exercise frequently. I am trying not to focus on the losing weight aspect, but the more energy/better sleep/just feel better in general aspect.
2. Spend less money. Mostly eating out for dinner less, but also to make better investments in where we spend our money. Oh! Our rent just increased, which thankfully isn't too much of a problem because Andrew just got a new job with a significant pay increase, but still, we need to learn to budget ourselves better for later when we can't be as frivolous.
3. Take time out of each day to reflect and be thankful. Kind of self-explanatory, but last night I was just thinking about how selfish I feel sometimes and I am hoping this goal reminds me how lucky I am every single day.
4. Write more. When I was younger, I found keeping a journal to be soothing and it really helped me think about my feelings and keep track of what I do day to day. I miss that, so hopefully this blog will be able to become a journal of sorts. Hopefully with more pictures because who likes a blog without pictures?!

Of course, I want to have a fun, good summer as well, but I assumed that was a given. :)  Does anyone else have some goals they have set for the summer? I would be interested in learning what everyone wants to accomplish in two months.

1 comment:

  1. I love your new layout and your summer goals! Ewheelz has skillz. :)

    I feel like I need to refocus a bit, sort of recalibrate and be more positive. I'm going to try and write in my journal more, or even failing that, just in my head, to make daily gratitude lists.

    Besides having a great summer...I want to get my website up! And post at least 3 times a week, with pictures!

    I think our goals are doable :D