November 5, 2015

Arwen Mae - Five Months

I know, I know. I said last month was my favorite age, but this one is my new favorite. You are learning so much and SO much more interactive. Having a newborn is tough, but this age, this age is wonderful. 

You started daycare this month! And you love it. You absolutely love watching all the kids. Your teacher says if you are fussy, she can put you in a seat near all the other kids and you will be happy. The other kids adore you as well. Apparently they try to make you laugh and bring you toys. The other day, I went to pick you up and I just hear "Arwen's mommy is here!". It was so sweet to hear those words. I love being Arwen's mommy! 

Sleeping is going so much better this month. 4 month regression is real you guys. You go to sleep between 7pm-8pm and wake up between 6am-7am. You sleep in your crib and usually when we check on you before going to sleep ourselves, your arms are straight up over your head. Last night you were on your side with your arms laid out. 

In the past week you have rolled over from back to belly, found your feet, and you are almost rolling from belly to back. You'll probably do it for us this weekend. You can sit on your own for a bit, but after a while you get tired and topple. 

Always have to have something in your mouth. Allllmost rolling over.
You did it!! And were so excited since mommy and daddy were so excited!
You still love baths (though you are getting too big for your baby bathtub), being outside, and especially Moose. Moose comes over to smell you and lick your slimy hands, but if you try to grab her she runs away. I still hope that someday you two will be best buds. 

You had some other exciting firsts this month: you went to the beach for the first time and we dipped your toes in the Atlantic! It was a girls beach day where we went to visit Amma and Great Gram while they had a spot on the beach. 

We went to the zoo with Auntie Brandi, Auntie/Cousin Kaylee, Uncle/Cousin Ben, and Ariel. You weren't too interested in anything, but it was great to get out of the house and have fun with family. 
Had to take a picture with the anteater for daddy
You sat in your high chair for the first time! We'll be starting solid foods soon as you are very interested in anything we eat. You don't particularly like it, at least with me in the evenings, but I'm sure that will change once you start real food. 

And finally, you had your first Halloween!! You were technically a bear, but I also made you be little red riding hood with Moose being the big bad wolf. 

So many pictures, but I just want to remember this special time in our lives. You are truly such a happy baby and your smile is contagious. This fall and winter are going to be so fun!!

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