September 1, 2011

Come Home Cause I've Been Waiting For You For So Long

Day 157.
Ok, so I forgot about my black and white stipulation, so these pictures just aren't as good. But this drink is AMAZING. It's a thai iced tea. It is iced tea with cream in it, which may sound weird, but trust me, it is DELICIOUS. 
In  other news... ANDREW IS BACK HOME!!! YAY!!! 

P.S - This song "Come Home" by Onerepublic is really awesome and spoke today. Obviously. Ha!


  1. That sounds DELCIIOUS, actually! Where do you find these things?

  2. It's right by my work! It is a fabulous Thai food place. We should go sometime!! have lots of Thai iced teas. :D

  3. What is the Thai tea called, what are the ingredients? If you have some time could you post both black and white along side with color?

  4. Yes, Em! Let's goooo! That would be awesome!!