August 31, 2011

It's The Beat That My Heart Skips When I'm With You

Day 156.
My dinner today looked like a five year old with a large stomach was mowing down on some food. 
Turns out I'm not going to Kentucky tomorrow, but Andrew is coming home!! I'm slightly disappointed because I really did want to visit another part of the country I have never been before, but I can't help but be excited that my husband will be home and I don't have to sleep alone in our big bed anymore!! 
Also, every once in a while I like to depress myself by looking at houses in the area we live currently (where we would love to keep living), but even the cheap houses are crazy expensive. I found one I think (at least from the limited pictures...) I would really love and even though it is cheap (it's a short sale) we can't afford. Yet!! 
Reminder to self: Enjoy where you are. It is where you are meant to be.

NOTE TO SPARSE READERS: I read this guys 365 photo blog thingy and he said for a month he did just black and white photos. I figured, since the first of the month is tomorrow, I will do the same! Sounds like an even more interesting challenge. Get ready for some really neutral pictures folks!

Sorry, I was apparently in a talkative mood today. 

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha it looks like you and Rylan had dinner together hahaha

    And ooooh thats a good idea about B&W! Also, I toootally disagree about B&W being sparse! I usually prefer B&W to color! (except for photos of family and friends, usually. Though, not always. So, this is a really useless parentheses, basically.)

    I look forward to your B&W adventure!