January 11, 2015

Second Trimester - Part 1

Second Trimester - Weeks 13 through 19

20 weeks
Symptoms: Most of the first trimester normal symptoms have gone away. I still have a strong gag reflex and can't brush my teeth after eating - learned that the hard way on Christmas. The only thing that has appeared is lower stomach ligament pain from my growing uterus. It is uncomfortable, but totally manageable. 

Doctor Appointments: We are on the one-doctor-visit-a-month schedule (until the third trimester), so we had basic checkups and everything is going well. On December 30th, we went for our big ultrasound and got to see organs and bones and facial outlines! It was incredible. Baby stayed facing inwards, so we weren't able to get a good look directly at its face. It was moving and grooving though. Apparently, baby loooves bagels with cream cheese.

Sleep: Sleep is going pretty well, but I feel it is getting worse. It is hard to stay on your side! I am surrounded by pillows though, so that is comfy :)

Movement: I started feeling movement at 18 weeks and continue to feel it squirming inside. It is so cool and usually when I stretch in the morning, baby stretches and turns with me.

Food cravings: Earlier on I would eat about 2 pickles a day. I wouldn't say I was craving them, I just really liked them and they were available. I also love root beer right now. I think I had my first craving (not intense, like I need-it-now just a when-we-can-please-can-we-have-this) for pizza - specifically Jon's pizza in Clinton. So, this week we got some pizza at a local pizza shop and it was just what the baby ordered. Now I could go for some root beer and pizza...

Things that happened: This has been a busy few weeks with the holidays!
- Thanksgiving was technically in these weeks, but I was still feeling pretty meh (but definitely on the upswing).
- I had jury duty and was afraid I wouldn't feel the greatest, but Andrew was the sweetest husband and went out before I had to leave and got me a coolatta, a muffin, and filled my gas tank. How sweet is that?! Needless to say, I felt fine the whole day. I got put on a case (the last one to be picked!), then the defendant took the plea. I was a little disappointed, but only had to miss one day of work.
- Kaylee had her baby shower. It was great to see family and meet Ben's family too! I had a great day and I hope Kay felt loved and special because she is. She really, really is. <3
- Throughout this time, Moose had to keep going back and forth to the vet for a tract infection that just wouldn't go away. She is still on medicine, but we are hoping this is the last for Moose's sake and our wallet's! ;)
- Christmas! It was great to have a break from work and hang out with Andrew and our families. We went to see the Hobbit part 3 with my mom, Ben, and Kay. We celebrated on Christmas day with both sides of the family and the next day we went to Maine. Jon and Kristi stayed with us for a few days and it was great to see them. We went to one of the best weddings I've ever been to - Sheli and Festus, but then we locked Kay and Ben out, so we had to go home and get the dog. Emily fail.
- Developed a baby bump! I would say it started around 17/18 weeks.
- We bought our first baby item (a stroller) and we picked out names for both a boy or a girl (we think - we could meet baby and decide on something totally different!). We are being evil and not finding out the gender or revealing names, so what are you even reading this for? Haha!

Now, I am all caught up. As of today, I am halfway(ish) through cooking this baby! During the first trimester I thought it wouldn't end, but now, everything is flying by. Baby, your dad and I are SO excited to officially meet you and get to know you. I apologize in advance for all the things we mess up on, but just know we messed up trying our best and out of love for you. Your brother or sister will get the better end of the stick. That's just how it goes, but you'll always be the one that made us parents.
Someone thought I had a treat in my hand... turns out, just a camera remote 

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