January 7, 2015

First Trimester

First trimester -- Weeks 1 through 12

One of the only pictures of me within this time period.
I was only a few weeks pregnant and just got some new clothes. 

Finding out: I had a sneaking suspicion I was pregnant, but wasn't sure if I was being too excited. The day before I actually took the test we went out for Chinese food with our friend Erik and got fortune cookies, but we were too stuffed to eat them. The next day, I woke up and decided I should just take the test. It was about 8:30am and Andrew was just waking up. I went into our bedroom, tears rolling down my cheeks, and told him I was pregnant! He was half asleep, so it really caught him by surprise, but then he grabbed me up onto the bed and we talked about how exciting the news was! Then, I went to a bridal shower for Sheli and a photoshoot in a pumpkin field. Pretty sure Andrew just paced around the house all day. ;)
Later that week I opened the fortune cookie and it said "You have been given special blessings". Indeed, fortune cookie, we have. 

Symptoms: I was nauseous pretty much all the time, but especially if I hadn't eaten. However, I wasn't too hungry either and only ate small portions. I only threw up 4 times (three of those being the week of Thanksgiving - week 13), but after not puking for 8 years, it was nerve wracking to actually do it. I did NOT like potatoes - specifically homefries. The hormones made me very itchy all over, but especially my upper back. I felt pretty bloated often too. The part Andrew loved the most was the fact that the clock hit 9pm (or 8... or 7...) and I would be asleep on the couch. I was tiiiired. Overall, not the worst, but I definitely did not feel the best. 

Doctor Appointments: Our first doctor appointment was October 30th. I asked the nurse who brought us into the room if we would get an ultrasound and she said she didn't think so, however after the NP went over everything and our medical history, she took us for a quick scan. It was awesome! We got to see the baby as a blob with a beating heart. We were having a wonderful moment, then Andrew said "Hey, it's not twins!" and I belly laughed causing the ultrasound to skip. That husband of mine, always making me laugh, even at inopportune times. 

Movement: None felt yet.

Things that happened: I photographed a wedding (whew! That was A LOT of work). We traveled to Indiana to visit Uncle Jon. We told family.

I know this is a little late, but I do want to document the whole thing to remember, so here it is. I'll try to be more current as weeks go on. :)

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