August 12, 2013

Miss You Most

So, I'm not sure if this is any good or anything, but I just wanted to share because it has been on my mind lately and I needed it to be said, if only for my sake. It doesn't really read like a poem, but its not a story either...
Also, disclaimer: I am not pregnant.

I miss him most on my birthday
The way he would ask about the countdown
Or the way my answer would light up his face
He never could understand what made the day so great

I miss him when I think about my wedding day
The way he should have been there, not just in spirit
Twirling me around in my sparkly dress
Wiping a tear from his eye

I miss him for the grandkids he’ll never meet
For the concert recitals & baseball games he would have enjoyed
For the proud way he would have hung their pictures up
The way he would have giggled finding out another was on the way

I miss him on holidays when the family is all gathered around
Watch the kids put on fashion shows and plays
And cheered them on as we played a game
or silently soaking in the family time, knowing things would never be the same

I miss him many times throughout the years,

but I will always miss him most on my birthday.

1 comment:

  1. Some people say it gets easier but it doesn't, it gets different. I miss my Uncle's phone calls on my birthday and I miss he and my gram more at Christmas time. ♡♡♡ So thankful for the memories.