August 6, 2013

From 4 room apartment to 3 bedroom house

Inevitably sometime in the future of owning this house, I will lose sight of just how monumental this house is. I will be stressed out and panicking about something or other and not take the time to really remember what a milestone this accomplishment is. If I ever whine to you about this house, please reference this post. 
Emily, never take having a roof over your head or food on your plate for granted. 

Top 10 Favorite Things About Owning a House
1. Laundry: Although I have to go down the same amount of stairs, I don't have to leave the house! I am just SO excited about these babies.

2. Dishwasher: My least favorite chore is the dishes. I think that says it all.
3. Ability to stomp and be loud: I can exercise by doing jumping jacks and not have to worry about the neighbors below me. I can listen to music pretty loud and not have to worry about whether I am being too noisy.
4. Space: We can start a family some day without putting a baby in a window-less room. Although, Harry Potter didn't grow up with a window and look at him now.
5. Kitchen Island: It actually makes me want to cook. Yes, you read that right. I chop and dice and slice across the whole counter just because I can.

6. Yard: I can't wait to set up a badminton net and play with friends and family.
7. Deck: Sitting outside with a fruit smoothie and my kindle on my deck sounds pretty relaxing every day after work.

8. Garden: I can try my hand at growing things! You may say, but Emily, you majored in biology. However, biology is quite a large subject. I can tell you a ton more about genetics than animals or plants.
9. Repair projects: One of the main reasons I loved this house was because I saw mainly cosmetic things we could change to update the house and make it ours. The foundation and electrical work is all recent and up to date.
10. Pets: I can get a puppy!! Eventually... when someone will be able to feed it and let it out and give it attention more than 4 hours a day. BUT I can have a pet!

Overall, Andrew and I feel so blessed to have this home to call our own. At times I was incredibly impatient (shocking, I know) and Andrew was always there to talk it out with and remind me that we needed to do other things before making this commitment. He's the logic to my emotion. It works well. I am a lucky, lucky gal! 

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