January 1, 2013

Top 12 Pictures of 2012

Here is a completely bias opinion of my top 12 pictures of '12. I haven't posted many of them on the blog, so think of it as a sneak preview! Here they are in no particular order:
1. Ry and Her Dolls
I love the painted fingernails in this one.

 2. Pensive Outlook
 3. A Very Windy Road
I had no intention of the blurriness, but I love how it came out. 
 4. Happiest of Birthdays
This picture still makes me tear up a little.
 5. Mayan Ruins
This was probably my favorite "Artsy" picture of the Mexican trip.
 6. National Monument at Dusk
 7. The Mummers
 8. Dance freely
I love the go-with-the-flow vibe here. 
 9. A Loose Seal
Andrew and I ventured to the cape one October Saturday with the hopes of seeing a shark on the beach. There had been reports of sharks and the like in the town my family often vacationed at. We went and although we didn't find a shark, we found this seal that followed us for a little bit. It was SO hard to get this picture with all the wind, the sand, and the seal movements. 
 10. 4 becomes 5
Courtney asked if I could take some maternity pictures for her, so of course I said yes. I was so nervous that I didn't get any good shots, but I couldn't choose between this one and the one below! I will have a post on just her pictures soon. I am pretty proud of how they turned out. 
 11.  The Bump
12. Arrival
My Goddaughter, Viktoria, arrived this year and this is the best photo I've taken of her so far. It was the first time I met her and got to hold her. I actually took this with my phone and I am really pleased with how good it looks. 

So, there it is! 12 pictures for 2012. Can't wait to see what beautiful pictures will pop out of 2013!

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