January 4, 2013

A Side Note of Harry Potter

This week felt longer than a three day week. I can't believe 2013 only started on Tuesday! I feel like it should be February by now. I hope that just means I was super productive at work.

On New Years day, we bought the whole Blu-ray box set of Harry Potter and just finished watching all 8 discs tonight. Every time I finish the movie series or re-read the last page of the Deathly Hollows, it makes me so sad the whole series is over. I remember growing up and being the first people in line to buy the books (yes, in High School we went to at least 2 of the Midnight premieres). My mom and I would stay up and read them and discuss what went on and I wished I would get a letter from Hogwarts. I wanted to have a class with Hermonie, laugh with the Weasley twins, see what house I would get put into (Hufflepuff most likely). Finishing those books or movies, is just like finishing a book you have engulfed yourself in and it is hard to get out and stop thinking about those characters or what happens next, etc.

We are trying to come up with fun activities for tomorrow so middle niece doesn't just have us run around the dining room table playing tag... as much fun as that is... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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