December 23, 2011

I'm Not The Same One See What The Time's Done

 Day 279.
It is time to get a little bit sad and serious on the blog today. 
Five years ago today, I got a call on my way to a winter holiday monotonic job that my best friend had gone into labor. She was originally due in May. Needless to say, Eddison Alleen was born way too early and survived an amazingly long 12 days. Today being her birthday, my best friend, Eddison's little sister and I deliver ornaments to all the babies on the NICU floor like someone did for Courtney 5 years ago. 
After we visit the NICU, we visit Eddison's grave and say a little happy birthday prayer.   
As you might remember, we do a March for Dimes in honor of Eddison every May. She was such a special little girl and has a very strong momma. They all deserve the greatest happiness in the world. 

 Eddison's little sister, Ry. 

 Until next time baby girl. 

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