January 1, 2016

Daily Photo Project 2016

I am going to attempt to take and/or edit pictures once a day for the whole (leap) year! I tried this once before and it fizzled out, but I am hoping with my two new favorite, ever-evolving subjects, I might make it longer this year. Click here (same link as above) to view the gallery! This link will also be located on the sidebar to the right of my page.

2016 is bound to be full of firsts with Arwen! We already know she's going to take her first steps this year as well as her first birthday. Her first plane ride will definitely be this year too! I can't wait to photograph some memories this year.

Also, new year, new design! Hope you like it! And yes, I am looking for a new banner for the blog title. I plan on taking a good picture of ice cream sometime this year :)

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