September 4, 2015

Arwen Mae - Three Months

Maybe it is because it is the end of my maternity leave, but little girl, you seem to have grown up SO much this past month. I look at you, especially your hands, and see so much growth and change. Those little fingers are still little, but not nearly as delicate as when I first met you. They are sturdier, have more control, and can grasp better than before.

The past three months comparison:

When you learn something, you learn it fast. You may not do something one day, but the next day you do it all the time. Just one day you were able to stand on your feet, and one day you were able to giggle, and smile at everyone. All of a sudden, just one day, and you could lift your head up and look around. Your newest learned ability, is putting things you find in your mouth. The dress you were wearing in this picture? In your mouth. Hands? Always in your mouth. 

As for sleep, you had been sleeping really, really well (like from 8PM to 6AM - our time to get up for work), but the last week you started getting up at 4AM. I was so confused and was just about to wonder if I had jinxed it, when I discovered the problem. By 4AM, you were tired of having your hands and arms in a swaddle. Last night, you woke up at 4AM, I uncovered your arms and you went. back. to. sleep. It was glorious! But only for a few minutes because I was so excited, I couldn't fall back asleep... Needless to say, my baby no longer wants to be swaddled. Yup. And she no longer likes to fall asleep on my chest. How are you so grown up already?!

One day last week, I was holding you and probably scolding Moose by the window and you were just giggling away at Moose. She would bark, you would laugh. She would lick your feet, you would squeal. It was the cutest thing. Unfortunately, it hasn't happened again, but you have certainly found your smile and laugh. This video definitely shows it (and is my favorite to date!):
(Don't mind my singing...)

You have this look you flash us sometimes and I have a suspicious feeling you are going to be devious, much like your daddy. You and Ariel, whom I believe will be a total sassy lady, will be quuuuuite the pair. 

Some firsts from this month include taking your longest car trip to Maine to celebrate your Great Grammy's 90th birthday! The trip ended up being about 5 hours total in a car. You did as good as I would have expected, but I'm really glad we were able to surprise Grammy. 

You were wearing this dress Auntie Brandi got you from France, but ended up peeing all over it...
Not sure why you hair looks red in these pictures... it is definitely still blonde.

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