August 3, 2015

Arwen Mae - Two Months

This month has been more smooth as we are learning each other and hormones are leveling out. You learned to smile and though it takes a big reaction of mine to get a smile (such as peeing without a diaper under you), it is the most beautiful smile I have seen. You can also see further and whip your head around taking in everything you see. Since you can see more distance, you have found der weihnachtsmann, the Santa we got in Germany that sits on the shelf above the couch. 

You've enjoyed meeting more friends and family this month, including all of your biological uncles and cousins! They loved seeing you and pretty much everyone we meet mentions that you look like daddy. 

Other parents, please don't hate me for saying this, but Arwen honey, you are an EXCELLENT sleeper. The minute you turned one month you started sleeping ~6 hours at night. The doctor says once babies hit 11 - 13 pounds they start sleeping like that and since you were such a big baby, you got to 11 pounds easily. 

Your major firsts this month mostly involve meeting so many new people, but we also had our longest separation. I went to the Taylor Swift concert and though I missed you so very much, I had a blast. From what I heard, you had a great time with daddy too!

This upcoming month is the last month we get to stay home and be together, so I'm going to try and savor it. You'll be going to daycare while daddy and I work. Right now, I am excited to get back to work, but it definitely won't be easy at first. I love being there when you wake up to give you give kisses on your little cheeks. 


The dress was Amma's (Daddy's mom) when she was a little girl
Doctor Update:
Height - 24 inches
Weight - 14 pounds, 3.5 ounces
Head circumference - 40.5cm

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