January 3, 2014


As as I was out there shoveling my butt off (and hopefully some of my thigh region too), I was thinking about all the blog posts I had been reading about both the past and the future year and what this means to us, this little family. When thinking about 2013, I think it is only right to say this year was the year for dreams.

2013 held so much promise at the end of 2012 and has definitely lived up to its hype based on this post. Although I certainly did not blog more, we did buy a house AND a puppy. I did take pictures (although you would never have known since I didn't post them) and the kids in my life certainly did grow.

Looking back on this past year, the dreams that have come true, makes me proud and incredibly happy. We traveled overseas (Andrew's first time) to Ireland, a place that I had only dreamed I could visit. I became a Godmomma. We own the roof over our heads, the rooms we sleep in, the areas we relax in. We hosted my family over all at once, with dinner included - something I had dreamed of for a long time. We have Moose, who has motivated me and helped me in so many ways. I still think it is crazy how much she motivates me - to go for a walk, to clean the house, to put down my electronics and play with her. I was given the chance to decorate (still working on that dream!) all by myself and hang things on walls again (although, we haven't yet...)!

This one year was filled with so many self-fufilling dreams and I'm not sure any other year can or has topped it. One may ask about 2010, which was also full of big dreams, but the word that comes to mind for that year would be emotions. But that's a blog story for another day.

As for 2014, I am about 99% sure it won't top 2013. We are still relishing in our previous dreams and creating new goals for the upcoming years. I'm sure it will be full of blunders, just like every year, and happy moments just like this one. It will be filled with house projects and Moose pictures. Most importantly, I think it will be filled with laughter and love because those are the things this household is best at.

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