February 8, 2012

I Miss Everything About You

 Day 328.
A day of exploring and learning about the Mayan culture. Incredible that people made these with their bare hands and are still standing and relatively stable. Humans are an impressive species. 
 The elephant trunk represents water. They were praying to the Gods to bring them water. I can imagine as it was February and already 70/80 degrees. 
 The entrance of the previous structure. 

 My first(?) cactus growing in the ground. I mean, I have had cacti in a planter, but this thing was huge! And spiky. 
 We climbed to the top of another ruin with the steepest stairs I have seen (it was frightening), but we got a wonderful view. I hope you can understand just how tall this first ruin is. Notice where the trees stop growing...
Our towel buddy that night. :D

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