October 30, 2011

Winter, Spring, Summer Or Fall All You Got To Do Is Call

 Day 225.
I hadn't seen my niece in a really, really long time and I missed her. We were going to get together after many times, but something always got in the way. Then, we were supposed to go on a haunted hayride and go apple picking and carve pumpkins last night after my class, but by the time I got home from class, it had already started snowing at my sister's house. So, we went today after the snow had fallen, even though my sister didn't have power. 
It was SO MUCH FUN!! We carved pumpkins (by we I mean Kaylee and Andrew carved and I picked out the seeds) and played apples to apples with everyone in the house. As you can see, once it got dark, my sister took out the candles and we played some more. Overall, an awesome day with some amazing people. 

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