July 20, 2011

And I Love You For Giving Me Your Eyes, For Staying Back And Watching Me Shine

 Day 114.
Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mama! 
This post is completely dedicated to my orange-loving, awesome cooking, fantastic crocheter mom! Although we have our differences (we ARE mother and daughter after all), I have complete respect and unconditional love for her! Also, today would have been my parent's 43rd wedding anniversary. 

 P.S - Her favorite color is orange and I wore the shirt (that is the background) for her. I used mustard seeds to create the picture because really? I barely use basil... what do you use mustard seeds for? However, I now have many, many, many tiny seeds scattered on my kitchen floor. That will be fun for a few days...

1 comment:

  1. Hahaha I love it! Super creative! Go Em! Happy Birthday to your mom!

    Also, my dad's birthday was yesterday! I never realized my dad and your mom's b-days were so close. Well, not that we probably discuss it that often hahaha