June 1, 2011

Like A Rollin' Thunder Chasing The Wind .. Lightning Crashes

 Day 065.
How awesome is the top picture?!? SO PROUD of these pictures. They are all natural. Just uploaded from my camera. The tornado in Mass. brought about beautiful thunder and lightning storms. I hope that people are o.k. after the tornado. I knew many people who lived in the towns affected by the tornado. Be safe!
 The storm a'brewin'. 
 A little lightning. 
 Beautiful. In my humble opinion. :)
P.S - Why is lightning spelled with a 'n' in the middle? Seems silly.
Also, 300 more days! I'm doing it!

1 comment:

  1. I always accidentally spell 'lightning' as 'lightening,' which is not the same at all, but just makes sense in my brain for some reason. Sigh.

    I love those photos!! I was driving home from work and could see lightning splitting the sky and it was so beautiful! I really do love lightning. I want to say I remember being in an airplane, flying over a thunderstorm, but I can't remember when this actually was. Still, the memory of it is awesome. You couldn't see the actual bolts, but you could see the clouds below lighting up from it! It was gorgeous.